A very heartbreaking news where the man who shoots his 2-year-old son and injured his wife then turn his gun on himself and pulled the trigger. It was happened during custody exchange Saturday morning at her home, according to the report by ABC News site.

Pennsylvania man fatally shoots 2-year-old, wounds wife before killing self
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According to Attorney George Zanic, Kenneth Ayers, the Father age 52, was subject to a protection from abuse order filed by his wife but was permitted to visits his son, Michael Ayers.

Pennsylvania Police said, "Saturday's visit was to happen at his mother's home in Barree Township. But once at the home, Ayers got into an altercation with his estranged wife, Hollie Jo, and shot her in the legs and arm with a .40 caliber handgun before intentionally shooting his son," then added, "Kenneth Ayers placed the child's body in the back of his vehicle but the wounded woman retrieved the body before Ayers shot her again in the face."

Attorney Zanic said, "Words can't describe the scene ... heartbreaking."

After several hours, the gunman body was found inside parked truck in a wooded area in Warriors Mark Township. While Hollie Jo was rushed to the nearest hospital in order to survive.

Authorities said, Kenneth Ayers was possible under the influence of drugs or alcohol that's why his body place under autopsy.

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