New Delhi Police reported that a British tourist jumped from the 2nd floor of Indian hotel window to run out from potential rape attack during her trip to see the Taj Mahal, according to report by Daily Mail site.
British tourist breaks leg as she jumps out of the window of Indian hotel room
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The British woman was in major tourist hub of Agra at time of attempted attack inside her room at the Hotel Agra Mahal.

British woman said told police, "the manager - woke her by knocking on her door," ahe added, "drunk manager offered her a “free hand-oil massage” which she refused."

The woman thought if she opened the door she could be raped or murdered. So to cut the story short, the woman panicked and jumped from the window and landed on the first floor balcony.

The Hotel Agra Mahal manager Sachin Chauhan, was arrested after a British woman fled an alleged assault in her room.

Foreign Office advises women not to go out on a solo travel in public transport, especially at night.

Meanwhile, British High Commission officials in New Delhi had spoken the woman and were offering her consular assistance.

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