The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) announced to the public about the stem cell soup No. 7. According to them, this special soup with the ingredient of 'stem cell' are fake and fraudulent, according to report by ABS-CBN News site.

Docs warn public on stem cell soup No. 7
Image From: - Soup No. 5

Medical group expert alarmed the public against consuming the latest special soup No. 7.

PMA Vice president and spokesman Leo Olarte said, “Products like soup number 7, which allegedly contain stem cells that can boost sexual appetite, are now being sold, but all these are fake and fraudulent.”

He added, “Stop buying these products because these are all fraudulent and you will just be wasting your money.”

While according to the Philippine Society for Stem Cell Medicine (PSSCM), stem cells could not be turned into powder and put in vials because the body needs it alive in order to multiply and replace dead cells.

So guys, beware of stem cell soup No. 7, Okay!

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