The very popular Smith Haven Mall in New York has been evacuated and shut down for the rest of the day after the Snowstorm. Local police feared the roof was close to collapse.

Mall Evacuated In New York, Police Fear Roof Collapse
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Smith Haven Mall is one of the biggest malls Long Island and with more than 140 stores, according to report by The Inquisitr site.

Suffolk County Deputy fire coordinator Paul Llobell said, "the mall took approximately one hour to evacuate," then added that "a seven-foot snow drift had rested on one part of the mall’s roof."

Authorities from 15 different fire and police departments assisted the mall evacuation.

Smith Haven Mall opened in 1969 and this is the eastern most enclosed mall on Long Island, drawing shoppers from the towns that make up the Hamptons and the North Fork, the Inquisitr report said.

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