A miracle happened to a skydiver that survives at 13,000 foot fall after his parachute opened at the wrong time. Gerardo Flores, 35-year-old, suffered broken ribs and a lacerated tongue, according to report by Daily Mail site.

Heart-stopping incident of skydiver's 13,000ft plummet to the ground unconscious after problem with his parachute
Image From: dailymail.co.uk

The Dail Mail site reported that Flores was about 13,000 above the ground when parachute failed.

Gerardo Flores have been trained for two years at the Skydive Monterey Bay School with a 29 successful jumps records.

According to FAA investigation, they found out that a “critical” Velcro closure was “completely worn” on Flores’ gear.

Watch the video below on how Gerardo Flores fall and survived.

Video From: console.brightcove.com

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