The OWN network owner Oprah Winfrey has been sued for sexual discrimination and pregnancy lawsuit by her former employee named Carolyn Hommel, Oprah's senior director of scheduling and acquisitions.

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network Hit With Sex Discrimination Lawsuit
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Carolyn Hommel became Oprah's employee since 2010. And when she took a medical leave during her pregnancy, she was replaced by a temporary employee and no longer allowed to attend meetings.

But according to report by Gossip Cop site, Carolyn Hommel was already fired a month after giving birth to her child.

Hommel reapplied for another job at OWN company but her boss, Michael Garner, gave a negative performance review to her, in order to prevent her from getting another job at the same company, as the lawsuit claims.

Last week, Oprah was injured while getting her present from her close friend Tyler Perry.

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