No Black Nurses lawsuit was filed against Hurley Medical Center in Flint according to article posted at Examiner site. Tonya Battle filed a lawsuit against the hospital where she work.

No black nurses lawsuit: Nurse sues hospital after they honor racial request
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The lawsuit started when she found a note on the assignment clipboard saying, "No African American nurse to take care of baby."

Because the hospital agreed to the request of the Father that "no black nurses" care for his baby.

Tonya Battle, 49-year old, a veteran of the neonatal intensive care unit and a nearly 25-year employee of the Hurley Medical Center in Michigan.

Battle says in the Lawsuit, she was "shocked, offended, and in disbelief that she was so egregiously discriminated against based on her race and re-assigned."

Battle's attorney said, "I don't doubt that people have made requests like this in the past. You're not going to control the prejudices and biases of people. That's not my client's issue. The problem she has … is that her employer of 25 years granted (the request)."

If I'm going to ask you this, What are your opinion on the father who requested that "no black nurses" care for his baby?

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