A 60-year old Idaho man slaps a crying 2-year old baby while inside the Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis last February 8, according to report by CNN site.

Man charged with slapping crying boy, uttering racial slur on Delta flight
Image From: cnn.com

The Atlanta-bound flight incident occurred when the above mentioned man slapped the crying baby boy who was just beside his Mother.

Jessica Bennett, the 30-year old Mother of the boy reported the man for slapping her baby and saying some racist word about her child.

Police report stated that, the man told Bennett to “shut that (n-word) baby up,” it also added that "the boy suffered a scratch below his right eye."

Police also found out that the man was intoxicated and also carrying a concealed weapon.

According to court documents, the old man who slapped the crying baby may face up to one year of imprisonment.

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