A confirmed news reported from ABC site says that a 9-year-old under the name of "Dafne," gave birth to a healthy baby girl in Mexico. She delivered a 5.7 pound baby via cesarean section on January 27, 2013 in Zoquipan Hospital in Jalisco, Mexico. The mother and child are both healthy.

Girl, 9, Gives Birth in Mexico

The Director of Zoquipan Hospital, Dr. Enrique Rabago said, "Both mother and child are at home and healthy."

According to Mexico Authorities, the 17-year-old Father, may be criminally charged for having a sexual relationship with 9-year-old Dafne.

Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office spokesperson, Lino Ginzalez Corona said, “Due to her young age, we don’t know if she is being entirely truthful.”

Corona said, “She did not realize that she was pregnant until the seventh month.” Dafne's boyfriend suggested to move in with him but Dafne refused it. Then Corona added, “decided to leave town two months ago.”

Dr. Rabago said, Dafne given a C-Section, “Due to her young age and to the fact that her body was not ready to give birth.”

The 9-year-old mother will be receiving both medical and psychological attention, according to her doctor.
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