Two woman died in the Delaware courthouse after the gunman desperately walked into the lobby and start shooting. The gunman battled for child custody for a year. Police also shot him and died on the spot according to report by ABC site.

3 Dead in Courthouse Shooting in Delaware
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According to Delaware State Police Sgt. Paul Shavack, "the gunman and two women died. And one of the women was the gunman’s estranged wife."

Sgt. Shavack said, "The officers who were firing back at the gunman suffered 'non-life threatening injuries'."

The shooting incident was not a random act of violence but the result of a custody dispute, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden said.

One of the witnesses said, the gunman aimed his gun at the two women who were standing in the middle of the lobby.

After the incident, Police started to search the building and secure the place.

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