A Nevada woman who was a victim of a man she met on Match.com online dating site. She is suing the popular dating website over failing to advised her about the danger that she got from the online match.

Woman sues Match.com for $10 Million Lawsuit
Image From: dailymail.co.uk

The incident occurred when Beckman meet Mr Ridley on the Match.com site and after 8 days of courtship, Ridley stabbed her with a butcher knife 10 times and stomped on her head.

Mary Kay Beckman, 50-years old, filed a $10 Million lawsuit against Match.com on Friday, because the dating company allegedly did not inform her to keep vigilant from violent offenders on their website, according to report by The Daily Mail.

Much more with that, if the temporary restraining order granted, Match.com new members would prevent from signing up until such a program is instituted.

According to Atty. Mark Webb, the site must have a system that could verify a user if is not a sexual predator, and beside, Match.com is a very successful online dating website and it should have that system.

Webb said, "When somebody uses their credit card to pay, they [would] basically run the card through a sexual offender database."

The woman is not asking for money to make a buck from it but instead she want to create change in the world of online dating.

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