The Storm Prediction Center of the National Weather Service reported that the tornado threat tonight and early Wednesday could affects 10 states in central United States from Texas north to Michigan.

Tornado Threat Tonight, 10 States Affected By Watch
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Weather U.S agency said, “An increasing threat for severe thunderstorms will occur through tonight in advance of a strong cold front moving across the central United States.”

Agency added, “The most intense thunderstorms are anticipated late this afternoon and especially into the overnight hours tonight across parts of the lower Ohio Valley, mid-South and lower Mississippi Valley.”

The Storm Prediction Center alerted and up the Tornado warning watch in the following areas such as Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas on Tuesday afternoon. They placed also in the southwestern Ohio Valley, southeastern Mississippi Valley, and much of the Mid-South under a MODERATE risk.

According to CNN meteorologist Sarah Dillingham, "Even outside the areas most at risk for tornadoes, wind gusts could reach 80 mph in some areas — enough to bring down trees and power lines."

Meanwhile, Tornadoes and large hail will secondary threats, with the greatest threat for each staying southwest of the Tri-State. Showers and thunderstorms will be moving through tomorrow morning between 2 and 11am, with the best threat for rain and storms, according to scottdimmich site.

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