Do you heard the breakup songs of Taylor Swift for Harry Styles? real or fake? but the tune is good as it titled "I'm Alright." Actually, it was originally mistaken as a new Taylor Swift song. The true is, the song leaked from JerseygreenII's Soundcloud account.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Breakup Song: - Im Alright
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The "I'm Alright--Taylor Swift Break-up Song Foretell (original)," was written by a singer named Jersey Green, and even this is not one of the highly favorite Swift breakup songs about Styles, but it's really nice.

Jersey Green tweeted, "I actually tried my very best to write it without saying a single bad thing about Harry Styles."

She added, "I tried my best to make the lyrics and chords sound like Taylor Swift to make the foretell even more realistic."

Watch the video below if you want to hear the song made by Jersey Green - I'm Alright--Taylor Swift Break-up Song Foretell (original)

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