Caloocan Police identified the suspect in the death of 7-year old Stephanie Nicole Ella. Authorities arrested Juan Agos, an ex-military man residing near the area of Nicole’s house in Tala, Caloocan City.

According to the news report, Juan Agos admitted that he fired his gun in the New Year's Eve. Caloocan Authorities are now interrogating the suspect and they need to determine first if the bullet that hit Nicole came from the suspect’s gun.

Nicole's Aunt Mercedita Ella recall what happened on that night, "We were all just watching and enjoying the fireworks. She just fell to the ground, blood coming from the top of her head."

And according to autopsy report, the shooter probably fired the gun from 50 meters away.

We hope and pray that this case can now get right Justice from the death of the 7-year-old girl who is now in the heaven. God Bless your family.

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