The Colombian-style group Kombo Kolombia's members are went missing after their night performance in Monterrey. After two days of searching, Mexican authorities found 10 bodies from a well near the site of the private band show but did not disclose if the bodies are members of the Mexican Band.

At least eight bodies found in well near spot where 16 members of Mexican band went missing
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Governor Rodrigo Medina said to local media, "experts were still working to identify the corpses, but noted 'we have evidence that indicates that (the bodies) may very well be the members of this band."

There are a report from the citizen living near the incident that they heard gunshot and followed by the sound of a car speeding away. But according to local official in town of Hidalgo north of Monterrey, gunhots are common in the area.

Band relatives filed missing person report after lossing cell phone communication from their love ones on Friday. Some of them went to the bar to investigate.

Kombo Kolombia band have a Colombian style of music known as vallenato for three years, which is popular in Nuevo Leon state.

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