The Somali group connected to Al-Qaida, their English-language Twitter account was suspended after they showed in their timeline the photo of the murdered French soldier. al-Shabab is the group under the HSM PRESS Twitter, used to parade hostages, mock rivals and claim responsibility for bombings and assassinations.
Al-Qaida Twitter account
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If you gonna visit their Twitter account, you'll be redirected to suspended page and it will display, "Account suspended, The profile you are trying to view has been suspended," as of writing this post, 01-27-2013.

The al Shabaab's most senior media officer told to Reuters, "The enemies have shut down our Twitter account," then added, "They shut it down because our account overpowered all the Christians' mass media and they could not tolerate the grief and the failure of the Christians we always displayed (online)."

And despite the suspension of their Twitter account, al Shabaab's spokesman said, "[they] would continue to display the loss and grief of Christians no matter what means we use."

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