The Department of Health (DOH) advised Christmas shoppers specially parents not to buy any pregnant toys or dolls that being sold in many shopping malls in Metro Manila.

Don't buy Pregnant Dolls for Christmas present
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Director of DOH in NCR, Eduardo Janairo said, "I recommend parents not to give the pregnant dolls for gifts this holiday season. It is inappropriate and offensive."

Janairo added, "It promotes teenage pregnancy and tends to glamorize the life of teenage girls who have babies at a young age which is not a very good example to share to children."

DOH Director specifically explained that children with ages ranging from 4 to 5 are those build up role-playing scenarios.

He advised, "They should be presented with a toy that is educational and essential to their learning years and be guided in playing with it."

According to Yahoo Philippines, "In 2002, toys with similar features were banned in the United States following complaints from customers."

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