I usually open my Facebook account 10:00 a.m. every morning. I browse and read status and shared post of my friends seen in my wall, but what's unusual today is a post shared by one of my blogger friends. It's a video wherein a woman wearing a white blouse and a slacks caught the attention of all the people inside an LRT Station.

Woman humiliate a Lady Guard in LRT Santolan Station
 Image From: ppp.gov.ph

What caught their attention? Well, the above mentioned woman only did was, made herself center of attraction in the eyes of many people inside LRT 2 Santolan Station, after she deliberately humiliate a Lady guard roving around.

Image From: Youtube.com/ShowbizGovernment

According to the person who owned the video that caught the woman mistreating the Lady guard said that he doesn't know the full story behind the issue, but what he knew is that no educated person have to act the way the woman did.

He said, "I don't care how this incident started, nobody has the right to treat another person--especially one who's merely performing a low-paying job just to put food on the table--this way."

Watch the video clip shown below which is originally posted by Gregory Paulo Llamoso and was uploaded on Youtube by ShowbizGovernment.

Video From: Youtube.com/ShowbizGovernment

The behavior shown by the woman in this video only makes her look uneducated, even though that she said that she's educated. What I know is that an educated person will never allow herself to look so embarrassing in a public place and when talking to other person.

What the golden rule states about this, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Now, your on trend Miss, what you did to the lady guard is what you are getting in return.

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