The 2012 Miss Earth national costume competition had been very colorful, elegant and sexy, as you see them wearing their national costume and mixed with modern style. Our very Miss Philippines Stephany Stefanowitz, 22-year old, wore the traditional Filipiniana design with modern look.

Miss Earth 2012 National Costume Winners
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Aside from the national costume competition they also did an auction event, wherein they sell different kind of products from every candidates countries.

And the winners of the Miss Earth 2012 National Costume are:

Miss Malaysia 'Deviyah Daranee', 21-year old - Miss Earth 2012 National Costume - Third Placer

Miss South Africa 'Tamerin Jardine', 25-year old - Miss Earth 2012 National Costume - Second Placer and,

Miss Thailand 'Waratthaya Wongchayaporn', 19-year old - Miss Earth 2012 Best National Costume Winner.

National Costume winners! Gold - Thailand, Silver - South Africa, Bronze - Malaysia

You may find here the complete list of Miss Earth 2012 candidates.

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