Due to the incident occurred few days ago, wherein a lady passenger who happens to be a student yelled at lady guard personnel inside LRT 2 Santolan Station, LRTA security personnel will be more stringent in implementing their "no inspection, no-entry" policy. The incident had become viral through out social networking site, Facebook and micro-blogging site, Twitter due to a video posted by a common passenger by the light rail transit.

LRTA gets more tight due to the incident with a woman passenger and lady guard
 Image From: ppp.gov.ph

LRTA Officer-in-Charge, Engr. Emerson Benitez said that all security personnel of the said rail transit is instructed tightly implement their "no inspection, no-entry" policy so to secure the safety of all the people inside every LRT Station in the Metro.

He said in a statement, "It is inevitable that during the implementation of security measures, passengers encounter inconveniences. They should understand that the Authority cannot compromise the safety and security of the riding public,"

Benitez said in the LRTA statement. "It is one of our policies that station and security personnel refrain from making side comments and facial expressions that may be offensive to our passengers. Ms. Casinas displayed the right attitude expected of a security guard, that is, to be courteous and tolerant in spite of the embarrassment she got from the irate passenger."

According to a investigative report, the confrontation have started after the student, who later on named as Paula Jamie Salvosa did not place her bag on the conveyor of the x-ray machine.

The Lady guard on the other hand apologizes to Salvosa to whatever seems to offend the latter.

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