KFC really won't stop surprising their customers with great meals to offer. For another new meal has now added on their menu. KFC Philippines has now released on it's official Facebook fan page a new serving for their customers, the “Double Down” sandwich in a bun called “Double Decker”.

KFC 'Double Decker' is now available in the Philippines
Image From: facebook.com/kfcphilippines

The new product was announced by KFC last Tuesday. The said product contains two fried chicken fillets, bacon, cheese and lettuce sandwiched wrap inside two burger buns.

In the product description, it says, "The size of a man’s appetite, that’s what matters. Gobble up the new KFC Double Decker with 2 big Original Recipe fillets! Man-sized meals are all you need to man up!"

The Double Decker is now included in the menu of all the branches of KFC here in the Philippines. Before this, KFC earlier launched new products like 'Streetwise Cheese Top Burger' and 'Mac and Cheese Bites.'

So what are you waiting for, let's go to the nearest branch of KFC and have bite of this new Double Decker. Let's see what will be your judgement after a great big taste.

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