A great news to all Filipino's all around the world, Philippines was chosen by the search giant Google as a testing place for their newest 'Google Free Zone service.' Our country is the first one who've experience this service. This service allows you a free browse in your emails, Internet searches and social network sharing using your mobile phones / devices / smartphones.

First in the Philippines: Google’s free mobile search, email service debut
Image From: g.co/freezone

Google Free Zone service is open to all Globe Telecom prepaid subscribers and TM for FREE and with unlimited access to the 3 popular Google sites such as, GMail, Google Search, and Google+.

Google Southeast Asia marketing head Derek Callow said, "For most of users in developing markets, mobile Internet is a little bit of an unknown entity," "So now we’ve made a big chunk of the whole mobile Web available to users for free."

And what makes this Google Free Zone services good? well, even the basic phones can avail of this service. They have to visit this link g.co/freezone, and they will receive instructions on how they can use the three Google services.

Callow added, "All Internet-enabled mobile phones, even feature phones, can be used to enjoy the service."

So if you're a Globe Telecom or TM subscribers, all you need to do is to text the word "LIBRE" and send to to 8888, for further information about the promotion that will run until next year March 31.

But don't worry to those non-Globe Telecom and TM subscribers because Google will signed more local network carriers in the near future.

Globe Telecom added that they will notified the users via pop-up message if the users will exceed using the service to avoid the unnecessarily charged for data services.

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