The "Amalayer" fever haven't yet stop, because the Amalayer Parody Video of Jem Mark aka (jemdahunk) now goes viral secondly to the original video. Mark, who is impersonating the woman behind the LRT 2 incident between Paula Jamie Salvosa and the Lady Guard.

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In the video embedded below, Jem Mark is now gaining popularity through out the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube because of his acting skills and how he deliver the story that become funny.

He literally used props like ‘diplomas’ to show how educated he is. And he also included some dialogue which is not actually told in the original viral video to make his own video unique from other parody.

Let's watch here the Amalayer Parody Video by Jem Mark

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As of writing this post, his video already got 450,923 views on Youtube and still counting, the video was published last November 14, 2012 by Jem Mark.

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