This post is not to step on anyone's favorite finalist on X Factor Philippines, I just posted this to support my winning choice in this musical competition. Since by the end of this week, we will witness who'll be the very first grand winner in X Factor Philippines, let me first give you a hint on why I choose Daddy's Home as my bet.

Daddy's Home for me because, they blend perfectly while performing on stage. Though we all know that the four of them are professionals in they're different career in the real world, Daddy's Home still joined this competition to share their talents to everyone and show us that Daddy's don't stop just being a dad, they can also entertain everyone else by showing their God given talents.

All four of them knows how to entertain their listeners with the way they sing songs on their own renditions. They all have good quality of voice and spill lyrics with a very good diction. Plus factor is that they are all good looking dads, so they all have a guts to be a star.

They always sings in their best, as if it was their last performance. Even-though they went through the bottom two many times before, everyone knows (judges and even viewers) that they're all deserve to be in the final three of this competition.

Well, that's it, I already given you my bet finalist. I guess it's time to share your own too, hit it on the comment section below and tell us why you choose to support that finalist. Again thank you for sparing your time to read my post. God Bless!!
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