No match was taken by Smart Gilas Pilipinas in an easy manner, they are taking every game as a tough battle to won. But on this day game event, Smart Gilas Pilipinas made a very great lead against their opponent starts from the first quarter of their match.

Smart Gilas Philippines wins over Uzbekistan at FIBA Asia Cup 2012 September 16 Game Results
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Philippine team didn't gave their foe any chance of defeating them for this day in FIBA Asia Cup 2012. Team Uzbekistan had been scheduled to face our very own Philippine team on this day's game event, but apparently Gilas Pilipinas shook Uzbekistan after making a lead of 7 points on the first quarter of the game.

The edge of Gilas Pilipinas continues to get bigger on the second and third quarter of the game with a scores of 39 - 21 and 63 - 33. Many have expected early result, with the looks of the score, Uzbekistan can no longer chase their score.

On the fourth quarter, Gilas' lead increased by 2 points with a score of 85 - 50 (win - loss). That made the opponent team loss this game. Uzbekistan's game result as of now, after lossing in their second match in FIBA Asia Cup 2012.

Smart Gilas II vs Uzbekistan - September 16, 2012
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Philippines 23 39 63 85
Uzbekistan 16 21 33 50

Smart Gilas Pilipinas 2.0 game standing is now 2 - 1 (win - loss). For more latest update on Smart Gilas Pilipinas' game matches on this FIBA Asia Cup 2012 event, please continue to browse this page, and or, share this to your page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest so to support Philippine team in winning the championship.

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