Psy's Gangnam Style viral dance steps really goes international. The rapper from South Korea 'Psy' visit in USA and had appear to the famous American Talk show, “Ellen”, there the man behind the viral Youtube video who taught the pop singer Britney Spears to do his signature dance move, the 'Gangnam Style.'

Psy dance with Britney and Ellen to the tune of ‘Gangnam Style’
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In that episode of Ellen, Britney Spear and former “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell her current guest before the Korean rapper appeared before them.

Ellen Degeneres ask Spears before the appearance of Psy if she wants to learn how to dance the Gangnam Style, Spears frankly said, "Yes, I want to learn that dance.”

Watch the video below on how Psy dance Gangnam Style with Britney Spear and Ellen.

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