Due to the loss of Smart-Gilas Philippine against Iran team in semifinals, they are now running to get the slot for 3rd place in FIBA Asia Cup 2012. Philippine basketball team will play inside the hard court of Ota Gymnasium in Tokyo against the team Qatar. Watch the online streaming after this break.
Philippines vs Qatar in FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Final Game
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Smart-GIlas Philippine will play against Qatar this time in the final game of FIBA Asia Cup 2012, Saturday afternoon, I hope, all Filipino fans out there will pray for our Philippines Team to win this game and to get the third place rank.

Here's the list of Smart-Gilas II roster for FIBA Asia Cup 2012, namely, LA Tenorio, Ranidel De Ocampo, Jared Dillinger, Jeff Chan, Gary David, Marcus Douthit, Larry Fonacier, Gabe Norwood , Marcus Douthit, JR Reyes, Matt Ganuelas, Sonny Thoss, Jared Dillinger and Enrico Villanueva.

To our Philippine Team, Good luck to all your performances and hoping for the best results.

You may watch FIBA Asia Cup 2012 live streaming here. The live streaming video will start at 1:00 PM Manila time.

Qatar vs Philippines = Qatar Win - 79 - 63
Saturday, September 22, 1:00 p.m. (Replay telecast at 8p.m)

Video From: Youtube.com/kagila gilalas

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FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Final Game Result
FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Final Game Standing
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