On this coming September 20, 2012 our very own Philippine team is set to face the team from Chinese Taipei inside the hard court at Ota Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan. They will face their opponent country at around 2:30pm on Thursday for the quarterfinals of FIBA Asia Cup 2012.

Their game against Chinese Taipei will be the second game match on that day's event. There will be a four game match that will be played by 8 different countries for the Quarterfinals, which Philippines luckily entered.
Smart Gilas Philippines vs Chinese Taipei in FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Quarterfinals
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According to Smart Gilas Pilipinas' head coach, Chot Reyes, the concentration of the team is more higher now than it was before, that is why he is very much positive on his team's determination on this event.

Chot Reyes said in an interview made by FIBAASIA.NET, “On a more serious note, I do believe that the awareness and importance of this level of basketball is much higher now in the Philippines. We are a lot more concerted and concentrated on doing things the right way.”

Meanwhile, I have already prepared a table wherein the scores of Smart Gilas Pilipinas and Chinese Taipei will be posted continuesly as the game is running. Update on the scores will be posted every end of the quarter.

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Philippines 10 38 54 75
Chinese Taipei 13 32 53 68

Philippines Win against Chinese Taipei!

FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Quarterfinals Game Standings

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