Today, Philippines Azkals had face team Laos for their third game in the Asian Football Friendly game event held in National Stadium in Vientiane which is Laos' capital city. Apparently, siblings Phil and James Younghusband had miss today's match because they have to fly back here in Manila for their mother's first death anniversary who died in a massive heart attack last year.

Philippine Azkals lost to Laos by 1 point
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Even though that Robert James Gier who happens to be one of Azkals defender today, made a goal for their team, team Laos manage to make two goals before the game ends. Which means that Philippine teams lost in Laos by one point in their third official game in Asian Football Friendly game.

Next match is between Philippine Azkals against Guam's team that will be held here in our country at the province of Bacolod on September 25, 2012. This event is still made for the preparation of Philippine Azkals for the FIFA 2012 event this coming November.

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Philippine Azkals 2012 FIFA Friendly Games Results
Philippine Azkals 2012 FIFA Friendly Games Live Stream

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