Tomorrow, September 5, 2012 will be the first match of Philippines Azkals against Cambodia in a football friendlies game series, the first mentioned game will be held at National Olympic Stadium, Phnom Penh. The game tomorrow is just one of the eight (8) matches the Azkals team have to face as a preparation for the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 this coming November.

Philippine Azkals first game match on Football Friendly Game 2012
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But before the Azkals team got their flight to Cambodia for the first game, Azkals players, Lexton Moy and Angel Guirado have been officialy cleared on the sexual harassment complaint filed by match commissioner Cristy Ramos.

Dan Palami, Azkals team manager said, "We are quite happy that somehow, the Disciplinary Committee found no basis for the sexual harassment complaint," and added, "Sexual harassment will not be tolerated in whatever form in whatever way. The management looked into the allegations seriously and promptly, and we cooperated with the investigation."

However, Moy and Guirado won't be playing in the first set of this event series for they have a so-called one-game ban, wherein they can't play in one of the game match, so with Azkalz team captain of the game, James Younghusband.

According to a report, Moy and Guirado is in different places right now for they did not made the trip with the Azkals in Cambodia, Moy is said to be in U.S. while Guirado is playing for a club in India.

As for the game schedules and venues of Philippine Azkals game matches, click this link.

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