Good news for all Nuffnang publishers, a great new move has been running around Nuffnang Philippines starts from that day the new counrty manager, Abe 'Yugatech' Alondres had been publicly introduced in the blogging world.

Nuffnang Philippines Update
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From the way Nuffnang runs now, more development and improvement is to be expected from Nuffnang Philippines. And I personnly think that every Nuffnangers here in the country will surely benefit in this new development the Nuffnang team is proposing.

In an email I've received this day, Nuffnang is making moves to lower the minimum cash-out of earnings from Php 2,000.00 to Php 1,000.00. They are also looking for a good bank partner to provide them the so-called 'Nuffnang ATM'. In this way, Nuffnang publishers will have a more convenient way in getting their accumulated earnings in fast and reliable way.

The email I've received is posted clearly in a blockquote below;
Hey, Nuffnangers!

In our desire to serve you better, we are evaluating the possibility of lowering the cash-out threshold of your earnings from Php2,000.00 to Php1,000.00 or allowing cash-outs of all earnings above Php500.00 by the end of each calendar year. We are looking at either one of the options so that you can enjoy your earnings much earlier.

Also, we are in the final stages of selecting the right bank to partner with so we can provide a Nuffnang ATM. This new option allows us to process your cash-outs much faster.

We will send out the final details of this development before the end of October.

Have a great day, guys!

The Nuffnang Team

What a great news to start the BER Months. This is really a 'Good News for the Month of September!' Thank You in advance Nuffnang Philippines. May this great news be pushed through.

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