e-Cigarettes users not excuse in LRT's No-Smoking Policy

Light Rail Transit (LRT), said last September 12. 2012 via Atty. Hernando T. Cabrera's official Twitter Account that the no-smoking policy is not just to those people who uses regular cigarettes, this said policy also extends to the all users of the so-called 'e-Cigarettes.'

No e-cigarette users on LRT
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Atty. Hernando Cabrera, LRT Authority spokesman posted in his Twitter, "For those asking, e-cigarette smoking is prohibited in all LRT-1 and 2 trains and stations."

e-cigarette users not excuse in LRT's no-smoking policy
Image From: Twitter.com / @attycabs

This quoted message of Atty. Cabrera in his Twitter account was brought up, after an LRT rider ask if e-cigarettes, a nicotine-free alternative is allowed inside LRT.

After, e-cigarettes was publicly introduce to the market, many cigarettes users have turned to it in order to quit their smoking habit. A report said, this e-cigarettes are also sold as an aide for smokers to quit their smoking habit.

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