X Factor Philippines have now chosen their 6th eliminated finalist from the bottom two named Allen Sta. Maria and Joan Da. But before that, the night gave a great greeting to all the audiences and interviewers after Dingdong Avansado, Gino Padilla and Randy Santiago have performed their own renditions of different 80's hit songs for the opening of the 6th week elimination night of X Factor Philippines.

X Factor Philippines Top 6 Finalist
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Allen Sta. Maria and Joan Da got the lowest text and online votes in this weeks elimination, so their were the unfortunate finalist who got the bottom two spot.

The first among the two bottom finalist that performed for this night is Joan Da, Pilita's mentoring talent singing the song 'All About Him' by 'Auburn'. Next was Charice mentoring talent, Allen Sta. Maria.
 Joan Da is the 6th Eliminated X Factor Philippines Finalist
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The mentor who first chose to vote out is Charice, "Joan Da" is the finalist she vote out. Next was Gary V. who also vote out Joan Da. Then Martin Rivera also chose Joan Da.

Meaning, Allen Sta. Maria will remained and she will continue her journey to X-Factor Philippines next week.

But for X-Factor Philippines 6th eliminated finalist who got 3 consecutive vote out, 'Joan Da,' its not the last chance for you to grow in this kind of career. I bet many will see your great talent and surely take you as a consideration to be their talent.

As for Pilita Corales, she now holds no more talent in the X factor Philippines, she'll now just going to be a pure judge, no more talents to mentor.

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