Last September 10, 2012, Team Laos won the friendly match game against Philippine Azkals held in National Stadium in Vientiane, but due to some circumstances in the game, FIFA have decided to remove the match in their official record.

FIFA strikes Laos-Philippines friendly from the records
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According to a news report, the international governing body of football doesn't recognize the officials on that said match. The referee, linesmen and even the fourth official are not known.

Another situation seen was when one Laotian player punched Misagh Bahadoran (one of Azkals Midfielders) in the face, however the decision is yellow card because the referee is said to have not seen the incident or may not have followed the rules that if one player strikes another he must be sent off the game.

Due to this, Laos won't get any of the ranking points on that match, Azkals record on the other hand won't be affected by this incidents. This means that Azkals ranking on FIFA will not changed.

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