A day after tomorrow, FIBA Asia Cup 2012 is all set to start the Quarterfinals game. Only four teams from each group (A and B) are qualified to play in quarterfinals in order to be one of the four teams in the semifinal rounds.

FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Quarterfinals Game Results
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From group A, the teams are Philippines, Lebanon, China and Uzbekistan, while group B are, Japan, Iran, Qatar and Chinese Taipei.

Today, is the last game before the FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Quarterfinals. You may see below the Game Schedule for today - September 18, 2012.
September 18, 2012

China vs Macau  - 11:30 AM - China Win - 106 - 46
Lebanon vs Uzbekistan – 2:00 PM - Lebanon Win - 84 - 49
Chinese Taipei vs Qatar – 4:30 PM - Chinese Taipei Win - 75 - 73
Iran vs Japan – 7:00 PM - Iran Win - 71 - 65

Here's the FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Quarterfinals - September 20, 2012.

Iran vs. Uzbekistan Team - 11:00 PM
Smart-Gilas Philippines Team vs Chinese Taipei - 2:30 PM
Lebanon Team vs. Qatar - 4:30 AM
Japan Team vs China Team - 7:00 PM

FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Quarterfinals Game Standings
FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Semifinals Schedule

Smart-Gilas II successfully make it to the quarterfinals, they really gave their best in this tournament. Let us all support our very own Philippine team, you can share this post to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so everyone will know about this FIBA Asia Cup 2012.

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