FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Basketball Game Standings

The much awaited 4th FIBA Asia Cup basketball tournament of FIBA Asia is set to start this coming September 14, 2012. This year, FIBA Asia Cup 2012 will be held at Ota Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan. The game match is between two teams, 5 country per team.

You can find on this post the FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Game Standings between two teams that are compose of 5 countries each group.

FIBA Asia Cup 2012 Basketball Team Standings
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Team GA Win Loss
 Lebanon 1.4615 3 1
 SMART-Gilas Philippines  1.4000 3 1
 China 1.4120 3 1
 Uzbekistan 0.6736 1 3
 Macau 0.5037 0 4


Team GA Win Loss
 Iran 1.1553 4 0
 Japan 1.1435 3 1
 Chinese Taipei 1.0217 2 2
 Qatar 1.0169 1 3
 India 0.7946 0 4

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