This September, Enchanted Kingdom introduced their newest ride ever that really makes you and your family very much happy. The "EK Disk-O-Magic," where you can experience the spinning fun and rocking excitement. This is one of the best additions to Enchanted Kingdom attractions.

Enchanted Kingdom Disk-O-Magic
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The EK Disk-O-Magic fee is already included on a regular entrance fee. And I'll update this post as soon as possible to give you more about the EK Disk-O-Magic.

But wait there's more! if you like to get free ride on their new Disk-O-Magic, just follow the instruction below;

Promo Advisory:
Something Spinning and Rocking will happen at Enchanted Kingdom!

Two (2) Regular Day Pass tickets plus three (3) Carousel Special tickets will be given away EVERY WEEK from September 3 to November 4, 2012 through the "So mething Spinning and Rocking" promo in the official Enchanted Kingdom Facebook!

Just click the “share” button of the EK Disk-O-Magic teaser video and get the chance to win! Winners will be chosen randomly and will be announced here in Facebook!
Just refer to their Facebook fan page here:, to see the video that you're going to share.

Click here for Enchanted Kingdom Entrance Fee Rate
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