A new video that goes viral in Youtube. This time, a boy from Valencia Bukidnon is the newest Youtube sensation. His video in Youtube is now having a 1,021,840 views and still counting. Roel Manlangit sings “I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston," outside the appliances store in Bukidnon.

Bukidnon singer Roel Manlangit video goes viral in Youtube
Image From: Youtube.com/migue2K

The video was uploaded first by YouTube user migue2K yesterday, August 24, 2012. And so amazing that the video got already a Million views.

Roel Manlangit is a boy from Valencia, Bukidnon, who is also a victim of a flashflood. He used to join in any singing contest in their area in order to get out from their poor situation in life.

And because of his powerful voice, Roel Manlangit won in some amateur singing contests.

Watch his viral video below and see for yourself how Roel Manlangit sing.

Video From : Youtube.com/migue2K

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