Philippines team won their second game against Uzbekistan team in the 4th Edition of FIBA Asia Cup 2012 yesterday. And today! Smart-Gilas 2 will play against team Macau for their fourth game. You can enjoy the game while watching the live streaming of this event. See more after this break.

Smart Gilas Philippines vs Macau FIBA Asia Cup 2012 September 17 Game Results
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'Smart-Gilas 2' Philippine team will face Macau for their fourth game in 2012 FIBA Asia Cup this Monday morning, we are hoping that Philippines will win this game again to be qualified for the semi-final round.

You may watch FIBA Asia Cup 2012 live streaming here. The live streaming link/video will start at 10:30 AM Manila time.

Philippines versus Macau = 98 - 46 - Philippines Team Win Monday, September 17, 10 p.m. (Live telecast at 10am)

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