Today will be Smart Gilas 2.0's final game for William Jones Cup 34th Edition. They will battle to win the championship against the popular team from USA. With our Philippines team current game standing of 6 - 1 (w-l), they have an edge against the other countries competing in this event. They lead by 1 point in wins, not to mention that they only have 1 loss on record.

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In this days event, our team will do their best to get the championship for the second time. If I am not mistaken, the first time that the Philippines caught the championship is year 1998, the teams name before is Philippine Centennial Team.

On final game schedule August 26, 2012, refer to the list below;

7:00 p.m Zhonghua - South Korea = Zhonghua Win 76 -72
5:00 p.m USA - Philippines = Smart Gilas Win 75  -  76
3:00 p.m Japan - Lebanon = Japan Win 89 70
1:00 p.m Jordan - Iran = Iran Win 74 - 87

USA versus Philippines game will be set on 5:00 p.m for tomorrows event, I will make sure that the latest update in their game standing and result is deliver to you continously while the game is on going. For the meantime, please wait and share this page to your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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