After losing in yesterday's basketball game event against team Lebanon with a score of 91-72, Smart-Gilas 2.0 Pilipinas is scheduled to compete with team Iran. At 3 p.m. today our very own Philippine team will battle to win their fifth win in Jones Cup 2012. Smart-Gilas 2.0 has a current game standing of 4-1 (w-l) while their opponent (Iran) has a current game standing of 5-0 (w-l) clearly with no loss.

Watch Jones Cup 2012 Basketball Game Live Stream
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Let's help our team win this game against the reigning champion of William Jones Cup by supporting them through prayer, another is watch them as they take their 5th win in this days game event via clicking the link of the live stream below.

For the other game schedule in todays event August 24, 2012, see the list below;

1:00 PM USA - Jordan = USA Win 77 - 66
3:00 PM Philippines - Iran = Smart-Gilas Win 77-75
5:00 PM South Korea - Japan = South Korea Win 84 - 62
7:00 PM Zhonghua  - Guanghua = Chinese-Taipei A Win 84 - 66

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