Philippines Smart-Gilas 2.0 loss on the fifth day in Jones Cup 2012 against team Lebanon. Smart-Gilas first loss in the Jones Cup 2012 game with a scores of 91-72, Thursday, August 23, 2012, held in Hsinchuang Gymnasium, New Taipei.

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If we will compare, Lebanon's 1-4 (w-l) game standing is far from the Philippines 4-0 (w-l), but still Lebanon's 7 point lead from the first quarter till the last game took them to winning this days game event.

Tomorrow, August 24, 2012, Smart-Gilas 2.0 will face the team Iran at the time of 3 p.m.

Let us continue are support to our very own Philippine team in this 34th edition of William Jones Cup, please share this post to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so Filipinoes all over the world will know who are the players making names in the Jones cup.

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