A few hours ago, I've been walking on a mall to look for something to eat 'cause I'm really so hungry. Suddenly, I came over in front of Shakey's restaurant and saw this small poster of their budget meal that they promoting by then.

Shakey's Prima Lasagna Bundle Meal at P995 only

Shakey's Prima Lasagna Bundle Meal is a promo meal consist of Prima Lasagna Platter, a large thin crust Italian Sausage, a 5 pc Buddy pack Chicken n’ Mojos and a pitcher of Coke. This bundle is now good for 5 person and will only cost you an amount of Php 995. Php 199 each person is not bad at all.

So if you love going out with your friends and bond while eating, well I would suggest that this bundle is great for your 'Barkada tripping'. Try it now and you'll know that this promo is worth it for your tummy's satisfaction.

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