After the controversial video circulated through out the internet last Saturday, the Motorist who hit a MMDA enforcer, Robert Blair Carabuena who happens to be a resourcing supervisor at Philip Morris International is now petitioned to be fired out on their company.

University of the Philippines Diliman professor Dr. J. Prospero De Vera III together with Ateneo De Manila University professor and lobbyist Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia, journalist Ellen Tordesillas, and civic and social organization professional Marilyn Mana-ay Robles in their petition said, "We call on PMI to immediately act on this unforgivable incident and accordingly fire him."

 Image From: Youtube video / news5philippines

They also said, "Robert Blair Carabuena is bad for your corporate health," and added referring to Carabuena's behavior, "is a disservice to the corporate image of PMI and the global goodwill it has earned through years."

Though they do not what's the reason behind the outburst the petitioners said, "We do not know the reason/s that agitated him to confront the traffic enforcer. But whatever the reason, this behavior is inexcusable and must never be condoned by a globally recognized company that counts among its values emotional intelligence."

Looking out at the petitioners main reason behind the campaign is a 'Public Image', knowing that Philip Morris is one leading multinational tobacco company on globe.

Meanwhile, a official statement is issued by Philip Morris International, as posted in a blockquote below;

"We are aware of the incident involving our employee Robert Blair Carabuena."

"The incident happened last Saturday (Aug 11) and Mr. Carabuena was on his personal time and was not doing any work in behalf of the company when the incident took place."

"When the complete facts surrounding the incident are not yet clear to make a full appreciation of the situation, the company would obviously not condone inappropriate conduct by any of our employees."

"We understand the matter is being investigated by the authorities and we will monitor developments closely."

Well, as for me whether Philip Morris fires the motorist or he himself resigns, the image he showed on the video and seen all over the world will be a great burden on his part. Hope things be settle in good ways.

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