A disappointing news widely spreads out in internet today. A news wherein Banco De Oro (BDO) allegedly imposed a Php2 fee for all cash withdrawals on its ATM's and it will start this coming September 1, 2012.

BDO cash card 2 pesos withdrawals fee
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But according to BDO after hearing about this news says that the said Php2 fee is for only from ATM withdrawals using cash (debit) cards or BDO pre-paid cards and true that it will be implemented this coming September 1.

Head of BDO's cash management services, Jaime Nasol said in a statement, "The P2 fee will only be effective on withdrawals of clients using cash cards (or BDO prepaid cards), similar to what other industry players are implementing. This is to partially recover our cost on cash handling. BDO account holders are not affected by this development."

The statement made by Mr. Nasol is to clarify the news published on TV5's news website Interaksyon titled "BDO imposes P2 fee for every depositor's ATM withdrawal." According to interaksyon's report that BDO depositors will be charged Php2 for each time he will withdraw money from BDO ATMs, which is not true.

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