Surprisingly happened first time in X Factor Philippines, two talents of one judge-mentor have battled to stay in the show. Gary Valenciano's mentoring groups, A.K.A Jam and Daddy's Home have compete on the final spot for the top 9.

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Might be a sad situation on Gary V's side but one of the two groups must be out of the X Factor Philippines and heads home. Unfortunately A.K.A JAM caught that spot.

Charice Pempengco have voted out AKA Jam followed by Martin Rivera and Pilita Corales who voted out Daddy's Home lastly, Gary V voted out AKA Jam.

Another DEADLOCK decision on the judges part has happened tonight, so the eliminated finalist was based again on text votes, which unluckily A.K.A. Jam got the lowest.

But for me, the girls group will definitely have a future outside the show. Having a great blend on their singing A.K.A Jam will succeed in this kind of career. For now, go home heads up ladies, you have a lot of opportunities outside the X Factor Philippines, Good Luck and God Bless.

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