On this night 4th elimination round of X-Factor Philippines announced the top 8 finalist and the one who voted out from the decision of judge-mentors. Only three votes made in order to eliminate Mang Modesto.

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The bottom two for this night are 'Take Off' from Gary's mentoring group and 'Modesto' from Pilita's above 25 group.

And the three judge-mentors who voted Mang Modesto out are, Gary, Charice and Pilita Corales. Yes you read it right! Pilita voted her own mentoring talent for due to the reason that Mang Modesto misses his family so much.

Mang Modesto X-Factor Philippines

For a brief info about Mang Modesto, he is a CDO security guard before he joins X-Factor Philippines, but now he known as 'Modesto' of X-Factor Philippines.

Many netizen all over the country has mixed emotion in tonight's result, some hated the result, some find it funny and some seen it undeserving. But for me, whenever the outcome maybe I congratulate Modesto for showing his talent in X-Factor Philippines.

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