An unidentified flying object (UFO) was seen at the London Olympics opening ceremony on Olympic Park stadium in Stratford around 12.30am, as fireworks lit up the heavens above the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, a saucer-shaped object slow-moving in the night sky.

UFO expert Nick Pope explained that "mass summer events would be a prime time for crafts from other worlds to present themselves to mankind."
But according to some commentators on YouTube said it is only a helicopter - or just simply a fake.

Other speculation said that the flying object was only a blimp or helicopter used to record the aerial footage.

According to Pope statement on, "A combination of special effects and holographic technology will be used to create the illusion of an alien invasion, the rumor claims."

I'm confident enough that the saucer-shaped object spotted during the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony is not a blimp or drone. Its up to you guys whether you believe or not.

Here's the uploaded video clip of the UFO sighting in London 2012 Olympic stadium

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