Happy to announce to everyone the winner for this years Miss World 2012 is 'Wenxia YU' of the Peoples Republic of China. However, the pageant is still on going, for a while you may watch the live stream via this link. The Miss World 2012 coronation night is currently airing live at the Ordos Stadium Arena in China.

 Image From: missworld.com

Image From: missworld.com

Weighing with different beauty and talent not to mention the wits they have, surely judges of this years event have undergo a series of hardship in choosing who'll the grand winner be.

Miss World 2012 Grand Winner - Wenxia YU from The Peoples Republic of China.
Miss World 2012 1st runner-up - Miss Wales Sophie Elizabeth Moulds
Miss World 2012 2nd runner-up - Miss Australia Jessica Michele Kahawaty

Miss World 2012 Top 7 Finalist

Miss Jamaica
Miss  South Sudan
Miss India
Miss  Australia
Miss Brazil
Miss China PR
Miss Wales

Miss World 2012 Top 15 Semifinalist

1st  Miss India
2nd Miss Mexico
3rd Miss Australia
4th Miss Jamaica
5th Miss China PR
6th Miss Wales
7th Miss South Sudan
8th Miss England
9th Miss Brazil
10th Miss Spain
11th Miss Philippines
12th Miss United States
13th Miss Netherlands
14th Miss Indonesia
15th Miss India

Best in Talent - Miss China
Beauty with a Purpose 2012 - Miss India
Miss Multimedia 2012 - Miss India
Beach Beauty - Miss Wales.
Top Model Award -  Miss South Sudan
Sports Woman 2012  - Miss Sweden


For the meantime, to those who are Miss World 2012 pageant fanatics, your on the right page. I'll update this page continuously as the pageant currently airing.

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