Few days ago, Miss World 2012 contestants showed their unique talents in the 'talent portion' of the said pageant. And tonight, the big event will finally aired live in different channels all over the world.

 Image From: missworld.com

This will be a great event for 116 of different nations from all over the world will battle to become the next Miss World of this year 2012 that will be held in Ordos Stadium Arena of Ordos, Inner Mongolia.

As for our very own Miss Philippines Representative, Queenierich Rehman have luckily entered the 16 talent finalist after she caught everyones attention in her very very unique talent in 'BEATBOXING'.

The 16 talent finalist are:

Vanessa Williams, Sierra Leone
Evgeniya Klishina, Kazakhstan
Maricely Gonzalez Pomares, Panama
Karoline Owen, Norway
Winnie Sin, Macau China
Deanna Robins, Jamaica
Fiorella Migliore, Paraguay
Queneerich Rehman, Philippines
Markysa O’Loughlin, St Kitts & Nevis
Iris Thomsen, Denmark
Mariana Notarangelo, Brazil
Bayarmaa Huselbaatar, Mongolia
Wenxia Yu, China PR
Anastasija Skibunova, Latvia
Stephanie Chang, Curacao
Taiesa Lashley, US Virgin Islands

Top 5 Talent Finalist


If you want to know more about the Miss World 2012 pageant, please bookmark this page as I continue to deliver you the latest update on this coronation night. For the meantime, please do share this post to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and let us support Miss World Philippines Queneerich Rehman.

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